Bruce Liebknecht and his awesome team at PlantPets are so sweet - as thanks for my blog post about their line of interactive plants, they let me have my choice of an updated, brand-new-and-improved PlantPet! With all the hustle and bustle of the new club, I didn't even have a chance to rez it until last night. It's a Delft Blue Hibiscus (or was it a Hyacinth? damn, I'm awful with plants) - and it's gorgeous when it's full grown. I am keeping it paused when I'm not able to stand right there by it, since I can't stand the heartbreak ;) - so I upped it to Super Fast growth speed. I only had about 10 minutes to let it grow last night, and here's how far we've come:


The shading on the leaves is beautiful. As with all PlantPets, you can give a name to your plant -- so meet Odell. I'll update as he sprouts (heh) - I did want to point out the container, though. Very nice texturing.

 Thanks so much to Bruce and team!!!