I decided to grab a few LMs from my folder of "places I found and really like and want to blog someday" and, you know, actually blog them. The system works!

Herbalys - designer Albert Beerbaum has put together a fantastical, whimsical, and really really well-done stock of items, mostly decorative in nature. He has some really fun (almost Seussical) trees available, as well as the pond set included in the first group of pictures, below. Great use of sculpts and awesome texturing make this a must-see shop - and those purple curtains alone make it a must-buy shop! The little ceramic (or stone maybe) owl is just precious - I think I'll definitely need one of those for the windmill!

Herbalys SLurl

Kidd Garden - I am a big fan of really awesome landscaping items, and am especially drawn to grasses and wildflowers that really bring depth to a large open area. I've blogged several of my favorites in the past, and now I add Kidd Garden to the list! Created by doP Kidd, Kidd Garden offers just a ton of really amazing landscaping options. One of my favorite things is how the basic grasses are sold - you'll see in the first pic below that the grasses are offered in various shapes to give a really 3d option to your space. That pic only shows just a few of the various sizes/shapes - there are many more! In addition to great grasses and wildflowers, there are also quite a few really nice structures, stepping stone sets, and bridges. Plus, the sim is set up so  nicely with all the products on display, you'll just want to wander around in the fields picking flowers and soaking up the fresh air. Or something. :)

Kidd Garden SLurl

As I was preparing this post, I got notice of new releases from The Loft - so, while clearly The Loft is not a new place for me to blog ;) - you know I have to share the goodness!

I believe the Krissy Shelves are completely brand new, and the Mayer Chaise was previously released in a single color for the Haiti fundraiser. Lots and lots of colors are available now, and I gotta say that this chaise is THE best I've seen on the grid. The curves are perfect, and (of course) the texturing is amazing. I bought the Haiti relief edition, which is an olive green -- and I think I'm gonna need at least one more color! The zebra stripe is sassy, I may have my eye on that one. ;)

The Loft SLurl