I love the details in SL -- it's one thing to have a cool house with some groovy furniture -- but until you add tsotchkes, wall art, rugs, and things on surfaces, it just doesn't feel like a home. Oh, and the landscaping. I am all about a well-landscaped SL space. Commercial, residential, whatever -- you gotta have the landscaping. Greenery, flowers, well-placed rocks, stepping stones...endless possibilities. The absolute best place I have found for all landscaping needs -- and then some -- is Heart Garden Centre.

The sim is massive, and every inch is packed with product. My favorite thing about their set-up is how they have essentially displayed their wares via their own landscaping. This isn't just a bunch of boxes and flat images -- each landscaping arrangement can also be purchased as a whole, as mentioned in the #1 way to shop, above. That rules. When you want just individual items, then you hit the vendor walls.

They've got tons of tropicals -- they've got great snow-covered trees -- wonderful autumn-hued items -- and terrific boulders, pathways, pots, props, etc. I like to use their stuff inside, too -- you can buy most items in packs of 12 or 24, and that's 12 or 24 variations on the plant, not just 12 copies of the exact same thing. I've used various tropical ferns and flowers indoors -- arranging several pieces in a container, and it always looks amazing. Check my posts about Yam's House -- all the plants I used there, inside and out, were from Heart. Another awesome option you can find here is that most of the trees are available as sapling, young, or mature. How cute is that?!

Some of my favorite items:

Check out Heart Garden Centre here.