After my post on Heart Garden Centre, I sent a brief IM to Lilith and Dolly Heart just to let them know I had featured them on the blog. Soon after, I got a reply from Lilith, thanking me for the blog post, AND sending me some gifts!!! As I told her, it was never my intention to get free stuff -- but I'll take it! :) She sent me some gorgeous tropical arrangements that I put out at my place, and I want to be sure to thank her formally and properly here!!! Here are the Beach Edge and Phoenix arrangements that I placed at the edge of my little beach. My place was pretty lush before -- these arrangements increase the lushness ten-fold! I love them!! It's a much more secluded feeling now when you're standing in my yard.


The vertical arrangements are the Phoenix, and the leaning are the Beach Edge. As mentioned in my previous post, one of the best things about Heart Garden Centre is that you can buy arrangements like this -- instead of piecing it together yourself, Lilith and Dolly have done some of the creative thinking for you! There are 10 trees and about 5 plants here - and it's actually just 4 arrangement objects. Genius. Makes it that much easier to landscape.

Lilith also gave me 'Tropical Arrangement-spear palm and strelitzia1' -- the lilies (I think they're lilies - maybe orchids?) are beautiful. I placed this arrangement over by my campfire and hammock.


About 2 weeks ago, I sent a note to Lilith to ask if she's ever come across plants, or textures, that are neglected, wilted, run-down, etc. My sim (Doll City) has its 'wrong side of the tracks' section where everything is just slightly worn, a bit gritty, and I've been looking for some landscaping to match that, without much success. Once again, Lilith jumped in to help -- she is a sweetheart! She hadn't seen anything exactly like I was looking for - and I believe she was appalled at the thought of neglected plants :) - but she sent me a few items of her own that she thought might work. While they weren't exactly what I had in mind, they were awesome! She sent me a few samples of her 'Gothic hook - thorn bush' - I told her they are perfect for some sort of haunted enchanted garden. :) Throw in some oversized sculpted flowers, and it would be a magical place. I did place them in Doll City, next to our spooky graveyard that's in place for Halloween, just so I could showcase them here.


How awesome are those??

Be sure to check out my previous post on Heart Garden Centre for more info, and check out their main location in-world: Heart Garden Centre

Thank you again, Lilith!!!