Hi there! As you should know, dear readers, Home Expo 2010 is underway!

I'm slowly making my way around all the sims and snapping pics (when SL will let me :( ) of the good stuff I want to share with you. I've got some things to share today, and I'll get more posted in the next few days - there's no way I can capture all of the goodness, so I'm just highlighting things that are new(ish) to me and that I think you guys should know about! So here we go - pics and Expo locations, and the rest is up to you!

Woodshed by RH Engel [SLurl]

Trident by Poseidon Dagostino [SLurl]

Petals On the Wind by Lehlah Karu [SLurl]

Morantique by Mo Miasma [SLurl]

Little Boxes by Sesi Ackland [SLurl]

Julia Collection by Julez Odigaunt [SLurl]

Xen Style by Xenius Revere [SLurl]

More to come soon - but don't wait for me, get over to Home Expo NOW and take a look!