Ohhi! Another review for you today - Colleen Desmoulins sent me the latest from The Loft: the Castara Kitchen. As always, Colleen amazes with her textures, her shading, and her attention to detail.

It's just all so precious! Great for shabby chic styles, as well as country cottage - anything simple and homespun.

So many cute accents and details! I love the little curtains below the stove, and the farmhouse sink is awesome!

In addition to looking amazing, what I love best about a room from The Loft is how interactive it is. Colleen always includes tons of great animations - for the Castara Kitchen, there are singles, couples, and kids animations. The refrigerator is stocked full of food, with lots to choose from, and there are a ton of activities built into the sink, counter, stove, and dining table. Observe:

I decided I needed a snack, so I stood with the fridge open for a bit while I decided. (No electricity bill in SL.) Finally, I went with the most obvious choice - the ice cream.

Well, the ice cream just put me in a mood, so I got busy baking some yummy dessert or another to have later on. Once that was finished, well...I decided to ignore all those dirty dishes and enjoy a nice, calming cup of tea.

See? It's like you're right there with me!! Speaking of right there, be sure to go right there [SLurl] to see the Castara for yourself. It's also now (or very soon) available in blue - the blue tile backsplash is beautiful!

Authorelle kirshner