I (clearly) took a bit of a blogging break over the holidays. So now I'm looking at my "to do" folder to figure out where I go from here, and something occurred to me: I have not been giving floorplan. the attention it deserves. Designer Tegan Serin is, of course, my music soul mate, and she's gotten plenty of love from me on this blog in the past...BUT I'm looking at all the things she's released in the past month or 2 -- and that's been a lot -- and I realize how much she is getting better and better with each new item. Well done, MSM! ♥

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*see pic credits at the end of the post

I love that Tegan's designs are fairly simple, but still with a twist of whimsy. I also love the color palettes she uses -- her brighter pastels are like candy. Who doesn't love candy?

blog 1

I love both chairs so hard. The moon shaped chair/chaise is named Chair de Lune. CLEVER. ♥

Be sure to check out all of Tegan's stuff at the floorplan. main store! [SLurl]

*pic credits

picture 1:

Chair de Lune - floorplan (Tegan Serin) Boho ivy planter - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Shutter cabinet - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Messageboard  - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Gumball Fishbowl - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Chevron curtains - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Species silhouettes - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Minimalist lights - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Firefly Jar - Reek (Riq Graves) Matryoshka Doll Set - Lark (Sienia Trevellion)

picture 2:

Volare Uccellino chair - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) **currently available at Atelier Kreslo Chevron curtains - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Evan lamp - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Foyer table - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Record shelf - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Stars - Zigana (Nalena Fairey) Lola Bowl - The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins) Candle - Surf Co (Emma Gilmour) Steamer trunk - [ba] (Barnesworth Anubis) Box of Nostalgia - Insight Designs (Amisha March) Baskets - Y's House (Yacchan Clip) Record Player - LISP (Pandora Popstar) Connolly Coat Rack - PILOT (Kaz Nayar) Rug - Zigana (Nalena Fairey)

Brownstone bedroom (skybox) - floorplan. (Tegan Serin)

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