Good morning! I've finally finished up my little collection of Halloween thingies, now available at Second Spaces!

halloween promo 2009

halloween all

The Wee Haunted House is a great addition to your spooky tabletops - there's a ghost flitting by the upstairs window, and mysterious orbs of light shooting out of the chimney - ghostly!

Crime Scene - a set of nice, folksy art pieces, great for shabby chic interiors...that were, unfortunately, in the direct path of the blood spatters during the "incident".

Trick or Treat? A unique vintage-style hanging banner, perfect to drape across your entry, fireplace, mausoleum - ideal for any situation!

Sparkle Pumpkins - well, that pretty much sums it up. They're pumpkins. Covered in glitter. They sparkle, sorta.

Second Spaces

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