Hi! Just a quick post to share some gorgeous new releases from around the grid this weekend.

First, from The Loft: the Roxanne Dining Room. I know that I have been exclaiming over The Loft for 4 years on this blog, but I swear - SWEAR - that I still gasp and go "oooohhhh!" every time that Colleen Desmoulins releases something new. When I landed at her shop today to check out the Roxanne set up close, I just sorta spun my camera around for a few minutes with a big smile on my face. That, my friends, is the impact of great design.

Anyway :) here's that squee in picture form:

There's nothing that I don't love here. The shape and texture of the dining table is gorgeous, and I love the sideboard with all my heart. All of it.

The accessories with this set are so cute and so true to mid-century design; Colleen really nailed the look here. I also lovelovelove her different versions of the bus scrolls, with different cities and locations listed...but best of all is the SL version, seen in the pics below...be sure to read that one closely. ;)

Colleen also offers the sideboard in several different colors, and those gorgeous lamps (hanging and table versions) and vases are also available in lots of great colors.

They're like candy.

See the Roxanne Dining Set at The Loft [SLurl]


There's also a new house from Jordan Giant and [.nordari.] - the house is named 'may a stone guide your way' and is just the sort of quaint and precious little house we look forward to from Jordan.

The house has a simple layout, which is one of the things I love the most about [.nordari.] houses - they're always just enough space, without a lot of fuss. Comprised of three rooms and a cute little entry hallway, the house has gorgeous wall and floor textures, lots of color and pattern that flows together wonderfully.

I absolutely love the black wood plank floor used in the two larger rooms - I want that floor in my RL house. I really do love how Jordan brings such harmony in her colors and textures, and I really really love her decorating skills! She's done an amazing job of decorating the 'may a stone guide your way' house to show it's potential - for such a little house, you can really fit in all the living space you need with come clever arranging!

(I am also super excited that Jordan used my Charming Country Kitchen from Second Spaces to decorate this space. ♥)

This is really just a sweet house, great for those of you who thrive in cozy, comfy, eclectic spaces. A few cute little details, too, are that each window has a little ledge, great for displaying your little deco items...and there's a great ceiling medallion in the main rooms that is perfect for showing off your favorite chandelier or pendant light.

Visit 'may a stone guide your way' at [.nordari.] [SLurl]

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