*pic credits below

*pic credits below

The new round of TLC's The Garden has opened today! This round's theme is Riviera, and from Second Spaces, I bring the Riviera Console table. 

The Riviera Console is available as a whole set, as shown above. That set includes the color options shown, and it comes with the set as one item (all of that for just 1 prim LI!) and also includes each of the pieces individually. I've also got each of those pieces available in their own color packs, so you can do all the mixy-matchy stuff your heart desires.

The Riviera Console and accessories are available exclusively at The Garden from now until June 10!

The Garden [SLurl]

*credits from first pic

  • console table w/accessories: Second Spaces - Riviera Console (Elle Kirshner) *The Garden
  • chair: Trompe Loeil - Darya Dining Chair (Cory Edo) *FaMESHed
  • pipe magazine rack: junk. - pipe magazine rack. (Tab Tatham) *The Men's Dept
  • wood shelf: AF - Annan Reclaimed Shelving (Apple Fall) *C88
  • artichokes: AF - Decorative Artichokes (Apple Fall) *C88
  • roses: The Loft - Bacall Bowl of Roses (Colleen Desmoulins) *The Men's Dept
  • rug: Llorisen - uno area rug (Elsa Wellesley)
  • armoire: AF - Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe (Apple Fall) *C88
  • build: Trompe Loeil - The Chatham Loft Skybox (Cory Edo)

**The Chatham Loft is currently available for free (until May 18) if you give the Trompe Loeil Facebook page a Like! Get all the details on the Trompe Loeil blog!

I'm trying to get out more, to find designers that are new to me, AND that happen to be awesome. So far, so good.

shop: Apple Fall

designer: Apple Fall ((warehousefifteendesigns)

location: [SLurl]

blog: http://apple-fall.blogspot.co.uk/

(Pssst...that super cute adobe house is a free group gift!)

Really high-quality mesh items, and really really great prices for such quality. Definitely worth a visit!

Apple Fall [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

Happy Independence Day, USA!

I've put out my 4th of July freebies! I have to admit these are the same items as last year...but they're still cute. :) If you didn't have a chance to grab them before, please do now!! They'll be out at least until tomorrow morning!

Available at Second Spaces! [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

The Easter Egg Hunt at The Nest starts today! From now until April 10, you can find some great Easter goodies from awesome Nest merchants! Just take a stroll around the sim and look for participating shops with this sign out front:

Inside those shops, find the basket of eggs and pick up a freebie!

At Second Spaces, you'll find the Easter version of the Jeeves Bench:

A super cute spot for lounging in the garden on a lovely spring day!

Hop on over (heh) to The Nest and start hunting!

Second Spaces at The Nest [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner


The Albero Kawaii Hunt is underway! Second Spaces is participating - my hunt prize is the Kawaii Cute set, including 2 chairs and super cute embroidery hoops!


This is a HUD-based hunt. Start here and purchase a free object containing the HUD, instructions, prize list and the first clue, in local chat. Each clue leads you to another piece of the HUD, and once it's all filled in, you'll be able to pick up the prizes from the participating stores!

Go play!!

Here's a list of all the amazing stores that are participating!

Awesome Blossom / Blow-Up / Caroline's Jewelry / Cat's Eye Angels Product /Cheeky Pea / Cleo Design /Cool Beans /Croire / d-lab /DECO /DownDownDown /Duh! /FIR & MNA /Hoot /Ingenue /Just A Pose /LaGyo /Les Petits Details /mocha /Modest House /Nanuk /Naminoke /No Strings Attached / Noirlicious /Olive Juice /PianPiano /PinkyToast /Saturine Dreams /Second Spaces /So Many Styles /Still Life GARDEN /Sway's /Tasty /This is a Fawn /Tiny Bird /TOSL /True Love Never Dies /Willow /Zigana

Authorelle kirshner

Ohhi :) Just a quick post...

The Red Seal Hunt in Rue d'Antibes starts today! There are about 26 or so shops participating, including Second Spaces! Just look for the white envelope with the red seal and grab an awesome goodie, and the LM to the next shop! At Second Spaces, here's what you'll get:

You can start at Second Spaces and work your way around - happy hunting!

Second Spaces @ Rue d'Antibes [SLurl]


Spruce Up Your Space for September kicks off this weekend! This month’s theme is ‘Sweet Dreams’ – beds, bunk beds, hammocks, day beds, all sorts of super comfy spaces for sweet dreaming!

We’ve got our first group of designers releasing their SUYS goodies this weekend, at 9am SLT on September 18; check back right here on Saturday morning for a list of participating shops and SLurls!

Authorelle kirshner

Hi there! The SL House & Garden Hunt kicked off last night at midnight, and I'm in it!

Here's what you'll find at Second Spaces - everything you see in the pic, for $0L!

The hunt starts here [SLurl] - find the cute little house there and it will give you the LM for the second shop...at the second shop, you'll get the LM for the third shop...and so on and so on. Second Spaces is #35 on the list - happy hunting!

You can also keep up with the hunt over at http://slhousegardenhunt.wordpress.com/

Authorelle kirshner

Hi there! :) I've been a bit MIA - just taking a little creative break while I can. I do have some really cute freebies for you, though - for my fellow Americans celebrating Independence Day this weekend, I've got a few pieces of good old fashioned Americana!

The trunk and the flag painting were available last year for July 4th, too - I dusted them off and brought them back out, along with a new flag table. These are all available for free in the main Second Spaces location, until Monday morning. Stop by and pick up yours! Enjoy, and have a safe & happy 4th of July!

Second Spaces [SLurl]

Hi there! Just a quick reminder that the first weekend of June's Spruce Up Your Space is still underway!! Be sure to grab the Glam Cabana from Second Spaces, just $150L until midnight tonight!

You can see pics of all the SUYS items over on our Flickr page, and you’ll find SLurls there for each shop, too, in the picture descriptions. Also, be sure to join the in-world Spruce Up Your Space group to get the SUYS notices, LMs, etc! Stay tuned for part 2 of the June SUYS  – the rest of our awesome designers will be releasing their items next weekend!

New news: starting today, Second Spaces is participating in the Geekgasm Hunt! It's a celebration of all things geeky and nerdy, featuring a total of 50 awesome stores from around the grid! Read more on the hunt blog ; you can also pop by Second Spaces, click the hunt sign at the front door, and grab the starting LM. You're looking for a small Rubik's Cube (my location hint is "you're so vain"), and here's what you get from me!

That's binary code on the couch, and lines of Space Invaders on the chair. ;) Have fun!

Hi there! Just have some updates to share with you from designers around the grid - here ya go!

La'Licious Designs has just released two versions of a totally cute shabby chic bedroom, part of the Trash To Treasures collection!

La'Licious Designs [SLurl]


The Heather Living Room is new from ARIA. Great texturing and shading, and great foundational pieces to build a room around.

ARIA [SLurl]


New Trails has a new oak tree - just 2 prims! - that includes shadows, groundcovers, and a blossom particle emitter. All the things that make New Trails trees awesome! Even better, until 2pm SLT on June 15th, you can get a special deal:

  • Buy a transfer pack and get a second one (same size) for free!
  • Buy a copy pack and get all sizes for the price of 1 pack!

There's also a cute bonsai version of the tree that's available for FREE until June 15th at 2pm SLT! Be sure to pick that up!

New Trails [SLurl]


New from Dutchie Furniture is the Holle Bilt prefab. I really like the combination of the antique farmhouse feel with the modern interior - and the textures and shading look very well done. The house is available furnished or unfurnished, and the furniture is also available separately for purchase.

Dutchie Furniture [SLurl]

Hi! A quick one today...

Liz Gealach of Thistle Homes has a new pre-fab available - The Wingtip Cottage - totally cute!

Thistle Homes [SLurl]


Colleen Desmoulins just sent out a group gift for The Loft - possibly the cutest little garden pal EVER. <3

If you're not already in the group (for shame!) then pop by The Loft and join the SOM; you can grab the gift from history, at least for now.

The Loft [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

Hi there. I feel like I have to apologize for my lack of good old-fashioned blogging, where I share cool things with you from around the grid. For about 3 months, since my massive PC upgrade, Emerald just doesn't want me to take pics in SL anymore...and pics tend to be fairly critical in blogging. So please know that I have not forsaken you, and I will continue to seek a solution so that I can much more easily take some !@#$%^ blog pics and keep you more frequently updated on things. Having said that, I endured approximately 15 crashes last night so that I could grab some pics from my list of "hey, I should blog these things because they're cool" landmarks. You're welcome! ;)

Blackstar by Izzy Dench - this is a great build to go check out even if you're just browsing. Lots of pretty awesome clothing here, too, but what I want to share are some of the prefabs that are available. All of Izzy's prefabs have a great grungy look to them, and sometimes a little fantasy/whimsy mixed in. Just a sample:

Make sure to head over to the Freebies building, too - look what I found! (Ignore the price on the vendor pic - these truly are freebies!)

Blackstar [SLurl]


Lost Dawn by Raki Barbosa - another great resource for grunge items - pretty much everything you see in the pics is available for purchase! Great stuff for accessorizing spaces. The warehouse is available as a prefab -- I really love it - and the furniture in the warehouse is available, too!

Lost Dawn [SLurl]


And to close out, more really cute stuff from Minke Bailey at MB-CreationZ! She's just released these Sculpted Mannequins - I love this idea for accessory decor! These would be great in a glam bedroom/dressing room, or a sewing room or artsy/crafty workroom. Gorgeous!

MB-CreationZ [SLurl]

Happy Easter weekend! Here's some stuff you need -- NEED -- to make your Bunny Weekend complete!

Starlust Egg Hunt - the hunt kicks off today and ends on Sunday. My satellite store is participating -- just look for my Easter Egg! Hint: it's outside the shop. Look carefully!

Here's what you'll get - for FREE! - when you find that egg! The Easter version of the Laryn Comfy Chair!

Second Spaces @ Starlust Elliott [SLurl]

I also hopped (heh) around to a few places that I knew would have awesome Easter stuff...and I was right! Take a look at just a smidge of the goodies you'll find at MB-Creationz!

MB-Creationz [SLurl]

Over at Belle  Belle, my darling Leyla has all sorts of delicious and adorable things for you!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things and Fallingwater Flowers is back with some new gorgeous flowers for your spring garden!

Fallingwater Flowers [SLurl]

Hop on over, and other bunny-related comments!

Just a reminder - Second Spaces is having its Happy New Shop party today from 1-3pm SLT, and you're all invited!

We'll have music, merriment, and some new releases! Check 'em out:

And, because I'm not above bribery, during the party I'll be having flash sales on random items! AND, to further entice you to come by, during the party - and ONLY during the party - these new items will be available FOR FREE!!!

Hope to see you all there!

Second Spaces Happy New Shop

Authorelle kirshner

Hi there! Lots of activity at Second Spaces this weekend! First, of course, it's another Spruce Up Your Space weekend - this is weekend 2 of our March theme 'Straight Out Of the Trailer Extravaganza'!! We have another round of designers who will be releasing their themed items on Saturday morning, and Second Spaces is part of that! Here's what I'll have for you this weekend:

The chairs and the barrel include seating animations, and you can click the beer bottles for a cold, frosty one. Just in time for those spring afternoons spent gardening in your old tires. :)

In even more exciting news, this weekend also marks the grand opening of the new Second Spaces build!

You're all invited to come hang out with me on Sunday - check out the new build and some new releases, grab some free stuff, and have a chance to win some cool prizes! Hope to see you there!

The NEW Second Spaces [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

Don't forget - the 12 Days events at H&S Village and at Belle Belle are still underway, and almost done!

Today's $1L items at Second Spaces and Pulling Strings are:

Second Spaces/Pulling Strings at H&S Village


Remember, Belle Belle's items are freebies, and are only available for one day each!! Here is just a sampling of the goodies that have come before...

Don't miss the last 3 days of holiday awesomeness!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

Joyful Pillows and Wrapped Pillows, now available in the main shop!

Today's $1L items are also out at Second Spaces and Pulling Strings - the Chalk Drawing - swings and the Say Uncle! poseball set!

Second Spaces [SLurl] and Pulling Strings [SLurl]

Be sure to stop by Belle Belle, too, for today's free goodie!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

I've got at least one more mega-post of holiday goodness from around the grid...coming soon, probably after the Santa's Escape Design Contest has wrapped up!

Authorelle kirshner